Reiki with Reiki Masters Tara MacDonald and Kaitlyn Beaver

 Reiki energy is all around us.

We feel it in nature and the people we deal with and it's source is divine. It is not a religion. It deals with the mind-body-spirit and helps us heal.

The Reiki Energy Gift Box is a creation by Tara C. MacDonald and Kaitlyn Beaver, both Master Reiki Practitioners, to send out goodwill and healing.

We support small businesses that are local and international with these monthly gifts of our choosing. We hope you enjoy them!

Please note:  >>> Our Christmas box is now sold out. <<<

We will be taking orders for the January 2019 box now! Thank you for your support!!

Your investment for the January 2019 box will be $39.99 + 15% HST (we'll pay the shipping!)

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Limited Quantities Available

I'm so sorry but we're sold out for this month! Please try again next month.

Essential oils are highly concentrated phytochemicals that are distilled from various parts of plants, such as the roots, leaves, and flowers.

Our ancestors used plants and herbs as medicinal remedies for thousands of years, so while the immense benefits of these oils may be a foreign concept to some of us, we are not practicing anything new in theory. We've've found these oils to be extremely helpful in decreasing stress and promoting happiness. As Master Reiki Teachers we use them in our courses and with our clients besides our own personal use. DoTerra is a company in alignment with our values.